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with Vegas-vip You can easily Manage and secure your business!

When establishing your own Internet casino café, you need to get reliable and high-quality software. That is why VEGAS-VIP GAMES developed unique and secure software for cybercafé casinos that will provide all the necessary functions and capabilities to the online casino business owners. Getting our ultimate solution, you will also have the following services:

  • bandwidth control;
  • the highest level of security;
  • timer;
  • annual reports;
  • printer control;
  • remote power control;
  • multi-user integration;
  • members system for staff.


  • remote control of all terminals in your cybercafé (turning them on and off, restart, etc.);
  • complete protection against unauthorized use;
  • user-friendly interface and detailed installation guide;
  • annual reports and analytics tools for the successful development of your business;
  • a system for automatic calculation of the cost of services for your players;
  • multilingual user interface.
  • remotely control all active devices in your Internet café, even if you are far from it
  • • automatically block user devices from using administrative folders in your system (for example, “Task Manager”);
  • adjust brightness, volume, and other parameters of client devices directly from the admin panel;
  • automatically update the terminals in your Internet café, if necessary.

Why Vegas-vip ?


Customer safety is essential for successful business development, especially when it comes to cybercafés. You need to ensure your players with such an environment and make them satisfied with the security level that you provide. If you want to achieve this, you should work with a reliable partner, which is VEGAS-VIP GAMES.


Internet café casino customers may sometimes want to print images, documents, or other files from your platform. A great solution to control such activities is the printer tracker from VEGAS-VIP GAMES. The printer tracker will allow you to monitor the file printing, provide access to specific printers on user terminals, and add the cost of printed documents to the overall user account.


You, as the online casino café owner, will have control over all users’ active devices. This means that from the main device, you will see the remaining time of each user. Once their active time expires, the screen, keyboard, and mouse of their device will be locked, and users will no longer be able to play on your platform. They will now have two choices: either pay for the extra time and continue playing or leave your platform.

After Payment Module

By coming to your online casino platform, users can buy phone time, order prepaid codes, and much more. However, VEGAS-VIP GAMES cybercafé casino software provides something else – an after payment module. It works as follows: you need to activate this module, and it will give your users access to all available services. So players will pay for sessions only after they are finished.


A stable Internet connection plays a really important role if you are running an online casino business. When users download or upload very large files, the Internet speed may slow down. VEGAS-VIP GAMES cybercafé casino software also provides you with full bandwidth control for each client device. If a user exceeds a set threshold, you can limit their use or charge additional fees from them. With our cybercafé casino software, you can ensure a stable Internet connection on your online casino platform.


If you have any questions or would like to consult with our experts about VEGAS-VIP GAMES cybercafé casino software, please write to, call, or message to us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.